DNA Barcoding of Vanda Species from the Regions of Shevaroy and Kolli Hills using rbcL gene

SR Senthilkumar, T Francis Xavier, G Gomathi


Orchidaceae is the largest flowering plant family. It consists of nearly 25000 species. The plants of orchidaceae are widely distributed throughout the world. DNA isolation of Vanda was carried out successfully using CTAB method and purified using sodium acetate-ethanol precipitant. The isolated genomic DNA was amplified through PCR using rbcL gene and the amplicons were obtained. The amplicons obtained were approximately at the length of 500-800bp for the rbcLgene region and sequencing were done. The new DNA sequences were identified at genus and species level using BLAST software tool (NCBI, USA) and deposited in NCBI. The DNA sequences that shown maximum similarity to query sequences were selected and analyzed using MEGA 6.0 (Molecular Evolutionary Genetics Analysis) for phylogenetic analysis. The phylogenetic tree was generated based on Neighbour joining method.

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